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Patricia Selmo is a graphic recorder (also known as visual storyteller or live scribe), content creator and coach with 20+ years of experience in Instructional Design, Business Analysis, Project and Change Management. By combining this with her strengths in listening and pattern-finding, she helps bring life to boring meetings, guides coaches and consultants in creating their own programs and packages, and helps individuals and teams make the difference they are meant to make in the world.

She has used her graphic techniques with major companies and small non-profits and believes this a great way to impart and retain information and break down barriers to communication in strategy sessions, brainstorming and even conflict management.

She is the creator of the Doodle Your Destiny © system and is a co-founder of Intentional Edge ( helping teens and parents navigate to success. As a Certified Visual Coach™, she loves to inspire others to tap into their own creative juices for inspiration and success.